Before you watch the following video, I would like you to try to understand if you don’t already, that meditation places you in a state of love, abundance, prosperity, and joy and much more so that as well.

In hypnotherapy, once we get past the critical, analytical mind and are able to place a positive suggestion in the client’s mind, the crystallisation of that suggestion takes place.

As too with the power of intent, it is your will, your pure, crystallised thought that manifests reality.

This is what Abraham-Hicks says when they say that everything is vibrational, and again is exactly the principle of hypnotherapy.

It also shows what negative, vengeful and hateful thoughts and energy can do to another person as well. It’s also the reason people who are abused as children continue to be abused or self-abuse. The vibration of trauma continues. Like attracts like.

This is precisely why people who have had trauma or illness or who have been subjected to great negativity should meditate.

Hence the very reason you should choose happy, abundant, kind and nurturing thoughts.

It is the very act of creation.

Oh, and P.S…. If this does not make you cry nothing will.





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