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Meditations can be simple, but when we engage in them consistently the
benefits are exponential as hopefully you will come to understand.

All you have to do is acknowledge the thousands of years in which meditation
has been a tool for enlightenment (or simply put, a clear mind in which one is
able to see clearly and become aware of our own true power).

If you diligently take on this ancient practice, and let nature take its course with
your journey within, you will reap extraordinary results.

As you know I am passionate about healing and being the best version
of yourself you can be.

One of the most important skills you can learn is how to access a state
of CALM. Regularly.

Work your way into it, through it and be diligent.

When we meditate and self regulate our energy and we are in a state of flow
and allow expansion into brainwave frequencies for healing along with the
heightened amplitude of those frequencies, we are essentially doing our own
form of healthcare and therapy.

Just remember, as Einstein & Nikola Telsa said, everything is frequency.
What I would add however, that it is the amplitude of the frequency.

And that’s the exact reason why Meditation is so powerful.

Please do not wait until you get stressed or sick until you start to learn
Meditation or allow yourself to change your life through Hypnotherapy
or Neurofeedback.

Do it now, and enjoy over 100 health benefits, easy manifestation of
goals and peak performance

Use meditation not only to reduce stress but to expand your consciousness
and watch your world GROW! 🙂

Meditation works because it not only balances brainwaves but trains
the brain to find the right amplitude for healing via our brainwave

THE CALM TECHNIQUE (see short video below)

  1. Breathing in though the nose over a count of four. (down into the belly)
  2. Holding the breath for a count of four.
  3. Controlled exhaling over a count of four (from the belly)
  4. And then resting for a count of four.

And repeat for at least 20 minutes. Twice per day.

With all Meditation Techniques, the most important thing is to allow the process
to take place and not expect anything to happen. (Remember we don’t force a muscle
to build while we lift weights at the gym)

The effects of meditation are instant but most importantly, are cumulative just like the
effects of exercising or eating well. The effects come outside, after your meditations.

And if you’d like to fast track your meditation skills with coaching, please contact me here.

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