Regular Meditation



The Importance of Continuing Meditation:

Sometimes under heavy stress, it is sometimes difficult for the mind to stand silent and for this reason I offer longer meditation courses with more classes.

Without proper training and support, it can take a long time for people who have been under enormous stress to actually do it.

People have spoken to me about having bought tens of books and doing courses, only to find that they feel their money has been wasted because they cannot “get back into it”, because they’re too busy, or at least their mind is and they need some structure to help them through.

We would hope that you make a commitment to the empowerment yourself by continuing to meditate.

Dealing with daily stress is exhausting. Meditation gives you the opportunity to put yourself in a state of total resourcefulness, which, needless to say, is extremely empowering.

Regular Meditation

It’s important to remember that the effects of meditation are both immediate and cumulative! So if you meditated every day last week and only twice this week, you will notice that even though you had a break for a few days, will definitely feel different each time but your meditation benefits will slowly grow stronger over time.

I also give you the key to motivating yourself to practice meditation regularly when under heavy stress.

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