Sydney Corporate Meditation Programmes

  If your office or workplace is tired, slow and lethargic due to a high pressure environment, then you can release this tension from the environment, improve your workers’ wellbeing and make your whole workplace a more productive and better place to be! Trish can help your company by facilitating a meditation course to enable individuals self-assurance, confidence and help cultivate an internal balance and focus, resulting in higher productivity and creativity. It is very helpful for people to have support and the continued input of the teacher. This helps to facilitate a level of support within and for the individual. With work and city stress it is recommended that 8-10 sessions is preferable, as individual meditation is more likely to become an ingrained habit and more likely to be practiced at home and not only at work. McKinsey & Co did a 10-year study of top executives in flow. The study reported a 500% boost in productivity.

Corporate Meditation Programmes

I offer an Introduction to Meditation which lasts for about 80mins (1hr 20min), which includes a 30-40 minute meditation. ( I do not offer shorter introduction times. )

My Meditation Courses  are a minimum of 6 sessions (which includes the Introduction to Meditation) are a minimum of 60 mins (1hr). Classes are 40 mins meditation and 20 mins information talk and questions. ( I do not offer shorter courses or times. )

On a week-to-week basis, at home practice is an essential part of the course. Each student is expected to practice his or her meditation twice daily for at least 20-30 mins, six days per week in between classes. The course will be supplemented with course notes and each student will have access to email me questions with regards to their personal circumstances, as meditation is a highly personal practice. Included are printed course materials, downloadable mp3s and email access to me. You will also be provided with a booklet of 12 different meditation styles in the case that someone wishes to try a different style. Classes are conducted in a seated position on chairs (not on the floor nor on yoga mats). The spine is to be upright. With high pressure environments and stress levels and I would encourage a longer course eight to ten (8-10) for long-term solutions to benefit not only the individual, adhd attention deficit disorder, but the company as well.

Corporate Meditation Courses for Stress Management & Wellbeing

Fee structure depends upon class size and length of course. Please call me directly on 8003-3067 or email me with your contact phone number for more information. Your company can pay by EFT (preferred), credit card ( or cheque. Please note that payment is required before or on the day of commencement of your course and should be arranged beforehand.    

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