How Your Intention Effects Matter


How do our thoughts affect matter?

Lynne McTaggart says:
“The energy of thought seems to change the molecular nature of matter in a very fundamental way. A body of scientific evidence has examined chemical changes caused by intention. Bernard Grad, an associate professor of biology at McGill University in Montreal, once examined the effect of healing energy on water that was to be used to irrigate plants.
After a group of healers had sent healing to samples of water, Grad chemically analyzed the water by infrared spectroscopy.
He discovered that the water treated by the healers had undergone a fundamental change in the bonding of oxygen and hydrogen in its molecular makeup. The hydrogen bonding between the molecules had lessened in a similar manner to that which occurs in water exposed to magnets.
A number of other scientists confirmed Grad’s findings; Russian research has discovered that the hydrogen–oxygen bonds in water molecules undergo distortions in the crystalline micro-structure during healing.
In one study, experienced meditators sent an intention to affect the molecular structure of water samples they were holding throughout the meditation. When the water was later examined by infrared spectro-photometry, many of its essential qualities, particularly the amount of light absorbed by the water at a particular wavelength, had been significantly altered.
Psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz and his colleagues at the University of Arizona have uncovered evidence that human beings are both receivers and transmitters of quantum signals. Directed intention appears to manifest as both electrical and magnetic energy and to produce an ordered stream of photons, visible and measurable by sensitive equipment.
Perhaps our intentions also operate as highly coherent frequencies, changing the very molecular makeup and bonding of matter. Like any other form of coherence in the subatomic world, one well-directed thought might be like a laser light, illuminating without ever losing its power.
Once constructed, a thought radiates out like starlight, affecting everything in its path.”
1. I would add to that the stronger your intention, the more quickly it can manifest; and/or
2. The deeper you are in the void, by way of release and letting go and allowing, the more quickly it can manifest even with the mildest strength of intention.
Trish 🙂

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