A big misconception people have about meditation is that it is easy and effortless and doesn’t take much time. And it is and can be and not take too much time … EXCEPT if you’ve got a lot of stress to clear from your life.


So if you meditate, do you still think this is true?

Because it can force you to heal which means the processing of old wounds, frustrations and heightened emotions.

In a book by Terrence Gorski, he says “70-80% of children grow up in dysfunctional families regardless of any family status”. Which means that nearly 4 in 5 people have minor or major trauma in their lives.

Figures worldwide suggest that more than 50% of people quit meditation after their course.

And as meditation offers so many amazing benefits, you’d wonder why more people don’t stick with it for longer.

So is taking a short course the best way of bringing a practice into your life?

Or is NOT taking a course but being COACHED on blockages, mindset, understanding the quantum field & COACHING the way to go? Because I’ve even had Buddhist Monks come to me for coaching.

Listen, I understand. In this very fast paced world in which we live in, people want immediate results. They want it for free ― even. Is just taking a course the best way of bringing in all the positive benefits and abundance?

So when people do that — most people get stuck and then they stop and many stay plateau-ed and that could be after meditating for a few months or even a year and have no growth or results.

Does everyone who takes a short course see the results they want?

Some people become frustrated and say it “doesn’t work”

Well no, you just have to have the right amount of support and guidance.

Too expensive to invest in Coaching — but successful people know if hire a personal trainer they can go much faster with ease.

So. How do we experience all of the positive benefits and abundance that meditation brings?

Here are the 5 Pillars To Make Your Meditation Practice a Success

  • Remove Limiting Beliefs & Blockages
  • Mindset
  • Quantum Field
  • Technique
  • Coaching

If you feel you’re stuck or plateau-ed and this resonates with you, send me a quick note right now and we can hop on a chat so I can show you how my coaching can help you to implement meditation into your life and bring about the benefits that everyone who continues the practice raves about.



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