Even high fliers have blockages. Minor Trauma or Major Trauma. Which means that when they achieve their goals (if they do), they normally fall in a slump, feeling unfulfilled, rejected and still not good enough only to fill themselves with addictions again.


According to Terrence T. Gorski in his book, Getting Love Right: Learning the Choices of Healthy Intimacy, seventy to eighty percent, 70-80% of children grow up in dysfunctional families regardless of any family status.

Which means that nearly 4 in 5 people have minor or major trauma from their childhood. And then we have developmental trauma.

No wonder people give up on manifesting or keep looking for the next short cut or hack. If the trauma – major or minor is not resolved, then their journey of manifesting outcomes is very inconsistent and exhausting.

If you’re manifesting from a trauma or ego response – then you’ll burn out and fall flat.

Clearing blockages and trauma: most people destroy their dreams. It’s true.

Because the mind cannot hold two conflicting beliefs. It equals cognitive dissonance

It causes psychological stress so then nothing manifests!

Toxic positivity, ignoring and suppressing trauma in the body and not addressing it results in burn out too. Positivity does not process the emotions in the body.

By just thinking positively, you’re not always going to get a positive experience. All blockages/trauma must be addressed and resolved.

The state of your nervous system around family, friends, self-worth, money, relationships & more determines your ability to manifest consistently – and joyously.

Getting clarity = control over your manifesting abilities


If you’re looking to solve one problem or are looking to clear minor or major blockages/trauma then
contact me for a strategy session.

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