What is Meditation


Quite simply put, meditation is the ability to slow down the electrical frequency of your brainwaves through focussed breathing in order to be in a relaxed and creative powerful state.


However, many many things define meditation!

It is also about finding the silence and the stillness in your being. Allowing your mind to just simply stand still. Something that many people in today’s modern world find a challenge. Rightly so. We are bombarded with more images and messages in the form of advertising, than ever before in the history of mankind. Releasing this daily stress is important so that your inner strength can rise naturally.

It is an experiential practice – meaning that it’s sometimes difficult for some who have not experienced it – to truly understand the profound benefits of being in a meditation. Daily relaxation and calming of the mind give you space, freedom, choices and better control over your life – in ways that perpetually stressed students find as bliss and happiness – a tremendous transformation of their lives.

Meditation of course also allows for more right brain thinking which is the creative, problem-solving part of our mind. It allows us access to the collective unconscious, which allows us to gather information intuitively and heal by ourselves. Problems dissolve and the lightness and happiness of being are more commonly observed in people who meditate regularly.

How I breathe is how I am.

Dr. Richter of John Hopkins University, U.S.A., discovered that brain cells are capable of generating, storing and giving off electricity. In Beta state (the state associated with thinking, reasoning, analysis, worry, doubt, fear and logic), the brain cells fire off haphazardly.

However, in Alpha state (our most creative state), the brain cells become synchronised and function TOGETHER. So when a person practises focussed breathing to access Alpha state they access a much greater level of power over the way they feel.

Once you have been practising for a while, the more focussed you will become. After you move from light meditations to deep meditations, you will be able to reach other very powerful states, through Delta and Theta states, which I also teach you about.

For those who learn how to open the pathways or chakras in a balanced way, find that the endocrine glands heal the body and create natural highs.


Beta Waves

14 Hertz (abbreviated hz, frequency measured in cycles per second) – 100 Hz

These waves are the most powerful and dominant. This is the mental state the average individual generally functions in on a day to day basis. From focusing on daily issues to holding a conversation. Unfortunately for some of us, these brainwaves are in excess after teenage years and accelerate to after middle age; so it’s important to increase our relaxation as too much beta and not enough alpha, theta & delta cause us to feel the effects of stress.

Alpha Waves

8 Hz – 13 Hz

A relaxed or passive state best achieved by closing your eyes and slowing down brain wave activity. Once you are in this state, alpha waves become dominant. In this state we become calm and begin to focus inward. The alpha state is extremely satisfying and nurturing. It is important to attain an alpha or neutral state at least once a day to reduce your unwanted stress level.

Theta Waves

4 Hz – 8 Hz

Once we sink below alpha level waves, we reach theta. An elusive euphoric and mysterious state best associated with deep meditation. Many people find it hard to reach and maintain this level. With practice it also becomes easier to maintain without falling asleep. This state is much like being on the edge of sleep and wakefulness. In this state you may have many reveries (mental images) or thoughts pour forth. Much of our unconscious becomes revealed. This state is most conducive to hypnotic trance, placing mental suggestions, accelerating learning, facilitating healing and implementing peak performance techniques.

Delta Waves

Below 4 Hz

For most people, once we’re in this state we are either asleep or unconscious. In this level we produce large quantities of healing growth hormone which both strengthens and replenishes us. There is growing evidence which suggests that it is possible to attain this state and maintain consciousness. Well practised Zen Buddhist monk masters are said to be able to do just this, even while engaged in everyday affairs! With the help of the course and practise, it is possible for an individual to benefit from this state and learn to attain it in significantly less time than an accomplished Zen monk.

Other practices which enable you to reach Alpha State:

Other various “brands” of meditation, various forms of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, prayer and chanting and mantras.

Meditation is also the first stage of Self-Hypnosis.

Other ways of inducing alpha state:

Listening to music in 4/4 time (examples):

Air (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Canon: (Johann Pachabel)

Rolling your eyes upwards into the back of your head.

Having your feet elevated higher than your head or legs on the wall (90 degrees) or on an elevated pillow etc.

Studies with brain wave frequency have shown that smelling frankincense or lavender increases alpha waves, which are of course, associated with relaxation and intuition. (*Frankincense has been swung around and wafted down church aisles for years)

However, deep breathing meditation still remains the most powerful access key.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What doctrine do you follow?

-After having studied many forms of meditation to reach alpha,theta and delta states, this is a culmination of all of my studies.

Is this a religious group?

– No, definitely not. We are not a religious group and as such encourage you to keep your own faith if you practise one.

If it’s simple, why does it take 6 or more sessions?

-It’s quite normal, especially while under stress, for your conscious and subconscious to fight with each other. The conscious mind acts as a guard dog to the subconscious.

Therefore it takes a retraining of the mind for your conscious mind to accept it. We offer an experiential course in which it is easy for you to find that pathway. Habits take time to form. You’ll gain one that is a wonderful habit!

What will it feel like? What will I experience?

-Initially,you may feel like you have had a 6 week holiday in half an hour. Some may feel overwhelmed with the release of so much stress. Some may feel like nothing happened. Don’t worry. All of this is normal. The most important thing you can do is to keep meditating. You will notice the differences in the way you react, feel in synchronicity with life and experience peace and happiness, or in other words, The Bliss that comes from being in a relaxed state.

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