Introduction to Meditation



… is a simple practice which can be practiced anywhere at anytime.

Meditation Techniques

… are for calming mind and body – recapturing your personal power.


… 15 to 20 minutes twice a day can relieve stress and anxiety.

Meditation can raise the life of every individual to its full dignity in which perfect health, happiness and success are the NATURAL features of daily life.

People care so much about their physical health and physical cleanliness, yet they are oblivious to their energetic health, and what we call “being in release” by way of meditation – is where all health and vitality comes from.

Most people achieve a state of bliss, because that’s the state of mind which my students as well as myself reach after not only the first few meditations, but after many sessions of meditation as well.

A feeling of mastery, ecstasy and well-being. After a deep meditation, I liken it to having taken a 6 week holiday, bursting with happiness and confidence.

Note: I offer a practical, powerful and rapid approach to accessing Alpha State, which is your most creative and relaxed state. Allowing you to feel calm, masterful and happy.

After all, isn’t what you’re looking for, is to change the way you feel?

If bliss seems like a dream that is too far away from you – then now may be a good time to gently guide yourself back into your own personal power.

MEDITATION is not a religion (although has been incorporated into many religions), philosophy nor a lifestyle. There are so many different brands of meditation and whilst we can honour their traditions, I do not indulge you in endless psychobabble or age-old mysteries which require you to reach cult status or master status in order to be practising properly. I offer a simple, practical scientific approach.

It is a simple technique which, when practised regularly, restores inner calm, enabling you to unlock your full potential. This course such will offer you all that you need in order to meditate, as well as course notes supporting the links between quantum physics science, meditation and your divine self. We offer various techniques at your fingertips for restorative personal power. You will not need to go on an endless search for harmony and peace by doing various courses. It’s all right here!

Meditation is about many, many things…

It’s scientific; it’s spiritual without a religious leaning. It’s about release. It’s about decompressing. Releasing stress. Releasing everything which hampers from reaching our full potential.

It’s about brainwaves. It’s about altering the electrical brainwave pattern from something that fries our brain to something which empowers us completely. Creativity, love, joy, happiness, healing and manifestation. (How much does illness cost the community; the world?)

Research into Meditation shows you have the ability to change. You have the power to change. Allow me to teach you!

Which leads me right into the next point. Why meditate? What can it do for you? You can read all 100 meditation benefits here.

Meditation is a prelude to self-hypnosis. As I am also a hypnotherapist, I incorporate hypnotherapy into my meditation classes and courses to keep you meditating! This is an enormous help for those who have taken my course.

After all, there is no point taking a meditation class if you don’t keep meditating!!!

Personal one-on-one or couples or small groups ENSURE that you get my individualised attention & reinforcement with my hypnotherapy to keep you meditating and reaping the rewards of meditation!

Further to this, I take you on an extended journey if you choose to do so. Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing, Hypnotherapy/Self-Hypnosis & NLP.

Meditation is the basis for all of these modalities.

I am the only coach I know of Australia-wide who offers further education in all of these areas combined.

So join me won’t you? Learn how to leverage the power of your mind and use healing & manifesting abilities known to shamans for centuries.

Ok, so if you’ve seen The Secret and What The Bleep – and if you’re new to all of this, then you’re probably wondering how to piece it all together and manifest what you want!

I invite you to explore the Sydney Meditation Coach website  to Get Started Now!

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