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Learn How to Meditate with Trish, Sydney Meditation Coach.

When learning to meditate it’s important to set aside some time twice a day to decompress and relieve stress and tension. It’s just like taking out the garbage 🙂

When learning to meditate at home, you should not only set aside some quiet time but a quiet space that you can return to at any time.

Learn to meditate online:

When you learn to meditate online, again, your home or office should be distraction free!

You can learn meditation online via skype quite effectively if you are in a remote area or your schedule does not allow for travel to the city!

When learning how to meditate, it’s important to practise daily to build your practice, to build your habit.  Be steady and consistent!

How to learn meditation:

It’s important that you have a teacher who is able to coach you when you are having any difficulty. This helps you to continue meditation and not waste time trying to do it by yourself… 🙂

When learning meditation be gentle with yourself. It takes time. Sometimes there is a backlog of stress and that may take a session or two to process. So then just bring yourself back to your meditation.

Learn to meditate today! It will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself! 🙂

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