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This is a very important newsletter. I ask that you read it to the end please.
It is for your own awareness and education and … protection.

Amongst many benefits, the purpose of meditation is not only to alleviate
stress and increase happiness of course, but to make you autonomous; the
best co-creator you can be.

There are leaders, but in truth, there are no gurus. You are your own guru.
You are your own explorer of your own consciousness. It can be no other way,
as you are co-creator of your own universe.

I see many organisations wanting to practice meditation in groups. That’s
the equivalent of taking a bath in a tub full of people who haven’t washed for
years. If you know about quantum entanglement, then you wouldn’t want to
meditate with anyone at all! It might be ok when starting out, but meditation
is a private practice.

Up until fifty to sixty years ago it was fine just to to tune out – to tune in. And
today, it is not enough to #BeTheChange. The reason meditators need to be
more of a Quantum Activist is because for the first time in history the very
brainwave frequencies human life originates from and exists within are being
manipulated way beyond what we would like to believe.

Now whilst the subtlety of #BeTheChange is not lost on me, I suggest
individuals be proactive, since mass consciousness is being very forcefully
manipulated and you need to have an awareness of this.

I do not say this to scare you nor sell you. This fact is unprecedented in
the history of humankind. If you have awareness and know what to do, then
you have nothing to fear 🙂

I know of at least eight Buddhist monks who have left Australia because, ‘It’s
too stressful”, they tell me. From my personal experience, and I say this kindly,
I feel that some are being left behind for many reasons …

In a video, Deepak Chopra and a call to action from the Pope – these leaders have
spoken out to world leaders, asking them not to destroy the world. It seems that
#BeTheChange is not enough right now.

What we can do is ‪#‎BeTheChange‬ we want to be, but we should not plead blissful
ignorance of the glaring cases of global issues and say we’re only responsible
for our immediate environment and ignore them.

The race to capture mass consciousness via your smart phone, smart tv,
advertising bombardment from every billboard, device, media and wifi, which
exerts 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) are playing havoc with your equilibrium, stress levels
and creative abilities.

If you’ve been following my facebook and twitter accounts, you would have read
about how the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies
(Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz) cannot even be read by scientists in cities, they
have to go to the ocean!

If the manipulation of mass consciousness via mass media and its tentacles were a
pharmaceutical drug, it would be banned. This is a more than reasonable assessment.

Our planet is surrounded by satellites and saturated with mobile phone towers.
The first satellite was the Sputnik in 1957 and now the planet is covered with mobile
phone towers. Our planet, our lounge rooms and brains are being microwaved with ultra
high frequencies!

The earth nor human beings were not meant to be subjected to a plethora of UHF,
since our own brainwave frequencies are operating on average only between 0.1 – 30hz.
See the full electromagnetic spectrum chart here. *Notice where human brainwaves
are at the bottom and all the other UHF nature has to contend with!

It is killing wildlife and animals.
(PEMFThe Fifth Element: Learn Why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
Supercharges your Health >> here.)

And my local psychologist is overwhelmed with kids whose brains are fried, begging
me to teach them how to meditate.

Neuroscientist Susan Greenfield says social media is causing lack of empathy and a
shaky sense of identity & more..

Some smart TV monitors have delta frequencies (0.5 – 3.9 Hz).Delta is the ‘forging’ frequency
into a person’s mind and yet it is being used in technology to FORCEFULLY
programme human beings. See this US patent!

Add to that the hypnotic language written by advertising copywriters and there you have
a massive and serious mind control system. Neuroscientists now tell us that 95% of decision
making is unconscious. Neuroscientist and Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Srini Pillay has been calling
for #ConsciousMedia !

Your brain’s electromagnetic frequencies of light from Delta up to Beta are
programmable. Media, corporations & governments are in the race to capture
your mind by way of you frequencies and therefore your attention to control you and
your dollars for their next product.

Meditation for your autonomy is very important in these challenging times.

I urge you to meditate or learn meditation and create your OWN reality and #BeTheChange
and if you do not know how, then please take a course with me. The time is NOW!

Courses that have been introduced recently are:

Meditation Classes & Courses via Skype, and the Quantum Manifestation Course
I look forward to hearing from you!



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