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This campaign was created in due to a large number of people within the Community asking how they can make a contribution to support the meditation classes for those in need and who can afford it least.

The fact that you’re here is because you’re about to help some people who are about to change their lives for the better.


Trish,  is dedicated to extending help where it’s needed immediately.

See our press releases today. Here and here.










Why do we need your help?

We are experiencing a growing demand to expand our meditation classes worldwide due to online skype classes but urgently require financial assistance to spread our teachings and most importantly, to help those in need and to those who can least afford it.

This work is simple, powerful, and proven to be effective.  If you would like to help sponsor meditation locally or for our international skype meditation, now is the time to please contribute to our cause.

The many meditation techniques and mindfulness that Trish teaches comes from a large array of teachings and experience of over 18 years.

It’s very important in these challenging times for individuals to empower themselves in becoming the positive change that we so desperately need for our future generations to thrive.

Please help us to achieve our goal so that we can continue to make a difference within our world.

All donations will be greatly appreciated – we thank you for your contribution and for taking the time to view our campaign.











Future goals

– To expand Meditation courses globally.

– To educate as many people underprivileged people as possible.



Donate via Paypal

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