Mastering your energetic state is the greatest skill you can teach yourself, both for happiness and success in life.

It’s easier said than done because it requires a great deal of self-honesty, will power, and self-awareness, but it’s the most rewarding skillset you could teach yourself.

When we are stuck in a state of depression, anger, or frustration (or any other low vibration), there are basically two main ways in which we can approach that state.

We can approach it from an angle where we are looking for a solution to the source of the problem and reflect to see how we can prevent this experience from happening again. And we can also look at it from a much different angle that is directed at how to deal with the emotions within the first few seconds of them arising within the present moment.

In other words, we have long-term and short-term ways of dealing with our low vibration, both of which are necessary for learning the most we can from the experiences and keeping our sanity as we do so. In this article, we are going to look at three simple short-term solutions that can completely transform your vibration in a matter of seconds.

And let me be clear, the goal should never be to ESCAPE from a low vibration. We should allow ourselves to at first feel it, recognize it, and see what it is showing us. But at the same time, living there and dwelling there usually isn’t conducive to a solution long-term and can be totally toxic. It can also become a habit and an addiction to remain stuck in a low vibration. Sometimes, our responses to situations are just knee-jerk reactions and need to be balanced out and neutralized a bit before we can proceed in a useful manner.

buddha_happinessHere are 3 great ways to go from anger to happiness in seconds and be the driver of your energetic state:

1) Conscious Breathing

Take 3 conscious breaths right now. No for real. Do it. Take a deep inhale, and be there with the breath the entire way in, and be there with it on the way out. We give so much attention to the redundant thoughts in our heads and so little time to the breath which is constantly giving us life and sustaining our being. Every time you choose to stop what you are doing, turn your attention away from your ego’s response to a situation, and invest it into the flow of the breath, you are literally making the choice to evolve faster. Every time you take a deep breath, you are cultivating more peace, happiness, stillness, and clarity right away.

This is great to use when you are in the middle of a heated exchange with someone, or when you catch yourself falling into unproductive victimizing thought patterns. Stay with the breath, and stay grounded in Being. When you are grounded in Being, even emotions like anger and depression can be useful tools. Ground yourself with 3 deep breaths whenever possible, and this will help you be a better listener, cultivate more understanding, and proceed with levelheadedness.

2) Laugh

Find humour in the situation. Laugh at the fact that this is all a dream and life is temporary. Laugh at the fact that maybe you are taking life too seriously, or even do something like thing of something that is funny to you completely irrelevant to the situation. Think of a joke you think is funny, a favourite comedian, or a silly event that took place in your past.

The goal here is not to escape, but to step outside of the energetic momentum of the low vibration. The mind’s energy will want to keep you trapped there repeating the same thought patterns over and over again, and it wants each thought of anger to grow into a bigger thought so it can take in more of your awareness. When you think of something funny, you create a breakage in that negative energetic momentum. When you create that break, you can see things from a perspective different from the one of self-vicitimization. Instead of “That person did this to me, I hate them, how could they be so stupid”, your thoughts after you laugh may be something like “I guess maybe it’s not entirely their fault, maybe I am overreacting a bit I could go for a sandwich right now.”

3) Become the witness

This is the greatest kept secret of all. No matter how busy and cluttered your mind is, and no matter how much pain it is causing you, you can always choose to be the witness of it. Instead of being the character in the unfolding of the situation, you have the ability to become the witness of this character.

Something that I’ve been asking myself a lot lately whenever I feel something distasteful in my mind or in my energy field is “Can it be seen?”. The answer is always yes. If it can be seen by you, and if you can point to it, then it’s not you. If you can notice it happening within you, then there is an implicit separation between you (the noticer) and the activity which is being noticed.

There is the thought or the emotion, and then there is the awareness outside of the thought or the emotion that is able to notice it. Even right now, you are thinking. But you are also aware that you are thinking. Which part of you exists outside of thinking that knows it it is taking place? Which part of you is more real? Which part of you is more fundamental and more essential? An amazing realization is that the thinker is not who you are. You are not your mind, and you are not the voices in your head. You are instead the conscious space that thought exists within. Go to the place of that space, and rest there as the background awareness of the activity.

To “watch” a thought, is to notice that it is there. Don’t think about watching it or start judging or interpreting it, because to do so would be to reidentify with the mental chatter. Listening to it is equally as effective, and you will notice that if you listen to it that there is literally a voice saying words in your head all day. Listening to the voice for the first time as the awareness behind it and realizing that it’s not you is almost kind of scary. It is some foreign entity separate from your will and intention that is rambling on about the same crap all day. We are literally possessed by these voices, and they end up driving us into misery and sometimes insanity.

Conscious breathing, laughter, and becoming the witness to what is happening within you and the situation from a zoomed out view are all ways that you can shift your vibration in a matter of 3 to 10 seconds. The goal is not to avoid or escape negative vibrations, it is to make sure that WE are the ones in the driver seat. When we are rooted in being more while still remaining honest with how we feel inside, we have the perfect internal balance.

The next time you are in a low vibration, try taking a deep breath, thinking of something funny, or becoming the witness. Then come back to your problem after experiencing that energetic breaking of negative momentum, and you will be amazed at how much better you will be able to proceed with the situation in a constructive way.



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