I support the conference, Happiness and Its Causes with the Dalai Lama as guest.

However, the only thing you need to know is that YOU are THE void …manifesting reality.

The more space you put into your mind by way of meditation. causes happiness.

Q: Who gets depressed going on holidays?
A: Nobody if you’re in the place that you love.

Exactly. And that’s exactly where meditation places you when practised as regularly as cleaning your teeth.

I say this because meditation is simply a way of taking out the junk, taking out the garbage from your mind accumulated over the course of a day or weeks or months.

If you didn’t clean your teeth for a whole month, how long is is going to take to remove the plaque from your teeth?

And if you haven’t had a 6-week holiday for a while or de-stressed completely, then it’s going to take a little while to remove that stress from your mind.

Do not expect results within a day from premier-pharmacy.com meditation if you’ve been stressed for years.

Keep polishing your mind like you polish your teeth each day, and you’ll see results.

I know this is quite a simple analogy, but it needs to be for people to understand how easy it is and to demystify meditation to make it accessible for everyone.

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