AHHHHH! Nikola Tesla.

    The man who had images and great flashes of light before each invention was born.

His mind was illuminated in the sense of a gifted Remote Viewer.

The man who gave us so much and was only ever only credited with inventing the radio posthumously.

The man who invented:

  • AC current
  • wireless communication
  • modern electric motors
  • basic laser and radar technology
  • xrays
  • neon
  • robotics
  • remote control and cellular technology
  • and even Star Wars tactical warfare

All over 100 years ago.…yet who’s ever heard of Nikola Tesla? The story is though, that Einstein unsuccessfully tried to convince th US government to engage in The Philadelphia Experiment and it was eventually Tesla who convinced them to go ahead.
If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know the story… And yet when Tesla introduced his Death Ray Laser shortly after The Philadelphia Experiment, he mysteriously passed away. The J. Edgar Hoover administration “”waited patiently”” (yes, double inverted commas… go figure…) for his death and took everything that Tesla left behind.

Watch the video to learn more…….

You can see more of Tesla’s great work on display with my Teslaphile friend, Peter Terren in Bunbury, Western Australia. His site is TeslaDownUnder.com

Peter Terren's Tesla Coil TelsaDownUnder


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