Here is an exercise in letting go. It’s actually a hypnotherapy script, but it does explain how to let go and you may find this useful 🙂

Get a Grip by Letting Go  by Mark Babineaux, JD, CHt

Naturally, the easier we let go of worrisome thoughts, the
easier it is for us to relax. Sometimes those anxious thoughts tie us
down and keep us from moving from where we are to where we want
to be.. It’s somewhat like a tug-of-war when both sides are dug in and
refuse to give any ground.

You understand the feeling – you wouldn’t dare move forward because
that would be giving in – and you lack the strength to back away from
the situation of straining to handle everything at the same time – so
you’re stuck – yet – have you ever wondered or witnessed what happens
when you suddenly let go of the rope? – – that’s right ! – – everyone
at the other end of the rope falls on their back, disorganized, confused
and powerless – and you are free to move in any direction you need to
move – instantly – remind yourself that you control what crosses the
line once you let go of the rope.

Of course, you may find this useful thought helpful in letting go
of needless worry – and – you may find this helpful thought useful in
getting a grip on the things you need to do, on your own terms, and in
your own time.. So you may use it to simply relax, and, you may use it to
organize what you need to do in a calm and confident way – one thing
at a time – naturally – this is the way – it works :

Pretend that you are in a tug-of-war – imagine, across the line
and at the other end of the rope, everything and everyone bothering
you, demanding your time or talent, arguing with you, annoying you,
limiting you, angering you or frustrating you – and at the very far end
of your rope, put any and all negative thoughts you have about
yourself or your situation and any negative acts you have committed
against yourself. . .

Then, make a fist with both hands and tense all your muscles
just as though you were trying to pull everything across the line at
the same time – really tense all the muscles in your body – mentally
realise and physically experience the sensation of being stuck – and
just as these annoying things feel their strongest, let go of the rope –
breathe out, open your hands, relax your muscles, take a deep calming
breath – – as you slowly exhale allow your entire body to enjoy the
release of tension – – and enjoy a mental giggle as the forces pulling
against you suddenly collapse – because when you let go, they let go.

And once they all let go, you may take advantage of the confusion on
the other side – – grip the rope, which is now loose and free, and
gather it in your hands as you would a lifeline – choose which
situation or person to save first, toss that person the lifeline and
pull that person or situation across the line only on your terms and
in your own time – if they do not agree with your terms, let go of the
rope, roll it up, and throw it to somebody else – this way you are able
to come to terms with only the things that are truly important –
those other destructive or annoying thoughts will never make it
across the line – so when you are finished , roll up the rope to take
with you, and walk away.

Practice this “get a grip by letting go” exercise a few times – and
when you’re ready, allow yourself back into the wonderful world
around you with a wonderful peace you have found within – – – – –



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