Are you ready to skyrocket your skills, sport or profession by 300% – 500%, while at the same time conquering fear, increasing productivity, igniting creativity, accelerating learning speed, increasing longevity and boosting your health & well-being?

Would you like to experience the extraordinary power of meditation ?

Sydney Meditation Coach

Online Meditation Course
Here's What's In Your Course as Below !

Who this course is for …

This Online Coaching Course is for people who want results.

What this means is that you must be coach-able, participate honestly and be able to follow instructions. It means that you are accountable for your own progress and  success. It means that you need to put your heart into the course and participate earnestly.

So if you think you’re only going to make a half-hearted attempt, please do not book a discovery call with me. I don’t want you to waste your money and more importantly, it means that you’re wasting the time I could be giving to someone else.



Module 1. You will learn about the Science as we introduce you to the Quantum aspects of Meditation
Module 2. We begin with a hypnotherapy clearing session to prepare you for your course and then you will learn your first meditation technique. 


From here on in all modules include a hypnotherapy session and twice weekly coaching calls (via online webinar)

Module 3. You will learn how to be consistent with your practice.
Module 4. You will learn practice longer meditations. You will learn as we explore another meditation technique.


Module 5. You will learn how to manifest your reality and self hypnosis techniques. You will learn other ways of manifesting as well.
Module 6. We explore manifesting through different brainwave states.


Module 7. You will learn another meditation technique and we keep deepening our meditations.
Module 8. You will learn advanced meditation techniques


Here’s what people are saying about my coaching

Quite simply, working with Trish has changed my life in a very big way. We started working together a few months ago, starting from a place of me not being able to switch off, being in a constant state of stress and not really being able to think clearly. Thanks to Trish’s dedication and talent, meditation has now become part of my daily habits and I am a much better person for it, calmer and with a much lighter view of the world.

Trish’s style has been very supportive with a perfect balance of education and practical application. The fact that she comes to my place makes it super convenient and takes away the excuses. I got so much out of the first 8 sessions that I elected to go another 8 and have even put my Dad onto it!

In summary, can’t recommend Trish highly enough.



I’ve recently completed a 6 week meditation course with Trish. Not only did Trish teach me simple Meditation techniques that I now use on a daily basis, but she also gave me a deeper understanding to the history and science behind meditation, which I found extremely fascinating. Trish has a wealth of knowledge about meditation and is more than happy to share everything she knows.

And the best thing about meditation is that once you learn the techniques you can take them with you anywhere 🙂






Health Industry

Trish is an extremely dedicated coach. She has taught me techniques which have helped me to transform my life. I now feel able to face any challenge through creating my world from my mind. Very powerful techniques.



I started my meditation with Trish in 2015, my review is a little late as I have just referred a friend and contacted Trish again.

I had never meditated before then and since I started my journey I have continued to meditate with outstanding results. Trish is amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to practice wellbeing.




Say Hello to Coming Home To Yourself


I’d like to welcome you and wish you the very best on your journey within and trust that you will discover the vastness and the depth of experience which awaits you, the joy which is yours to behold and the peace and love that awaits you in your coming home to self.