Near Death Experiences

My first near death experience came after my grandmother passed away.

Being in grief and being terribly vulnerable at the time was undeniably, excruitiatingly painful. However, what then followed was more painful.

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Seeing The Light

Seeing The Light and the Tunnel going up

I was thrown into multiple spiritual experiences, which at the time, scared the hell out me.

One night, I went to bed as normal and it was just after midnight when I began to see the light and it was at the end of a tunnel. The light was piercingly bright, much like the image above. With the tunnel of light going straight up.

I don’t remember anything else. I expect I went back to sleep. It was now approximately 3 in the morning. I was awoken by seeing gold and silver energy at the foot of my bed. It was like I could reach out and touch it.

This was very real. So real I switched the lamp on at about 3.30am frozen with terror, wide awake in a state of shock, sitting upright in my bed with my back against the wall not knowing what was happening. I could still see the gold and silver energy with the light on and it stayed there for about half an hour. The lamp stayed on until 9am.

I called upon my beloved Grandmother for help, saying, “Nan if you’re here, please help, I don’t know what’s going on!” She appeared – only to be also standing at the foot of my bed laughing at me saying to me,

“You’re safe, you’re always safe Trish ” And she kept laughing!

I called my Reiki master that morning, just after 9,  (he did not answer my phone call at 3am oddly enough!) and he laughed as well and said, “your crown chakra is open”. Funny for him and my Nan. Scary for me.

At the time it was if I was being pulled up to the light to be with Nan and this was some months after she had passed.

We were very, very close and I am the eldest child – her first grandchild.


Vesica Piscis

Both of us are Pisceans by the way. The ancient sacred geometry (reality is based on patterns which repeat in endless cycles), of Vesica Piscis (the intermingling and fluidity of different realities/different worlds), comes to mind. The beauty of this old geometry has more significance than ever before and makes so much sense.

If you look at the image and see the 4 circles and assume that they are 4 individuals, then each of the the individuals’ energy field merges with the others.

Hence, the very reason you must choose positive thoughts! You attract others by what you think and when you do they impose upon you as well because of your thought (and electrical) connection! Even though it was blindlingly obvious, it has taken me a long time on a deeper level to understand why. Initially thinking, oh yeah, be positive, when cynicism was predominant.

It felt like I was dying as well. I did not know if I was trying to go with her or whether I was being pulled up with her.

I was exhausted. It took all my will and more. I had very little psychic energy to sustain me and go forward. People would impose upon me saying all sorts of things and bully me and laugh, thinking I had no boundaries. Sickeningly relishing any further ground they thought they had gained or further injury they think they could cause. I am far from being a pushover. That’s when little fish easily morph into whales ;)

People failed in their observations and understandings and mistook my kindness as a weakness. Highly aggressive and insecure people saw me as a target for their destructive energies. I remained strong under unbelievable pressure. I ignored them and their karma came very quickly. I did not have to do anything. The universe protected me. I did not even ask.

Sometimes I began to think that my head had to be hanging off for people to recognise that I was in great suffering.

Little did they know the will and the strength I came back with from the process of losing one’s essential life-energy to beyond death and summoning it back into top gear again. Near-Death Experiences can be horrifying and felt as real as death can be.

Although a lot of people have had NDEs when they are physically close to death, I have known other people who have had NDEs when people close to them have died as well.

I also know that NDEs can be very liberating, but at the time for me it was not.

Since then, people and animals come to me when they are dying. I feel that they are asking me to take them to the light. They know I have been there. They seek protection and/or comfort and know they are protected with me. This has happened many times now.

Since I did not know what an NDE was, nor did I know what profound experiences happen during and after the event, it has taken a long time to understand what happened to me and voice it.

“Quantum Entaglement” article

(As an aside to this post: I think if you experience utter exhaustion of this kind, you may like to try this for a few days. This might sound quite odd in the middle of this post, but it’s not. I have been adding 2cm of fresh ginger to my daily juice. The benefits are amazing! Pineapple, orange & ginger are fantastic.)

Dr Melvin Morse:

I don’t “believe in” NDEs, rather it is my scientific conclusion that near death experiences are real. Our right temporal lobe permits the opening of a quantum connection with nonlocal reality, at the point of death. Near-Death Experiences are the dying experience and that’s a scientific fact, not an opinion.”

Highly Recommended:

I have been also reading lately that the drug DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) (also known as Ayahuasca (pronounced “i-a-waska“) -an Amazon Shaman medicine), and Ketamine (a powerful anaesthetic) can induce Near-Death Experiences for healing from cancer, drug addictions, cancer etc.

Why? Because they take you into Delta brainwaves. You can teach your mind to access healing Delta brainwaves upon command without experimenting with those, using Gerald O’Donnell’s Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing Course.

I do not subscribe to taking any kind of drug although some people have had healings through ketamine and ayahuasca (DMT). Meditation, Remote Influencing and Hypnotherapy can heal you without the need to go through such a painful process!

Albert Einstein:
“God is essentially the sum total of the physical laws which describe the universe. I do not know of any compelling evidence for anthropomorphic patriarchs controlling human destiny from some hidden celestial vantage point, but it would be madness to deny the existence of physical laws.”

I will completely agree with Einstein here. -Trish

Carl Sagan:

“Probably a dozen times since their death I’ve heard my mother or father, in an ordinary conversational tone of voice, call my name. They had called my name often during my life with them … it doesn’t seem strange to me.”

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Is this your Brain on God? One scientist has found that the brains of people who have near-death experiences closely mirror those of nuns and monks, who are considered spiritual adepts.


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6 Responses to “Near Death Experiences”
  1. Trish says:

    If you’ve had an NDE, we’d like to hear about it! Post it here. Trish :)

  2. Rose Foreman says:

    I have started to write my own experiences and all the confusions since my first Miraculous experience where God’s light came onto me at about age 7. I had a real NDE at 17 after the viral pneumonia and a fever of 105 -plus. The website listed is where I am trying to continue with this info.

    I also recommend the website where NDE’rs tell their stories and also share in helping to get their comments out.
    Thank you for your info also.

    I sincerely believe that the NDE s happened for a reason –perhaps for the upcoming 2012 and all the faith etc –to get through that experience. I am beginning to believe that we [NDEs] will be of tremendous help at that time.
    Rose, Founder of Horse
    I could not go forward with all this until after I saw my first NDE Symposium at the United Nations in NY!

  3. Trish says:

    Thanks for your comments Rose. Fittingly, I am born in the year of the horse and have had much to do with horses as well.

  4. I had my NDE at the age of 8 but couldn’t share until 2007. I was told not to.
    I would like to thank Dr Morse for his hard work with children that had a NDE.
    I wish I knew him when I had mine. And also Rose Foreman for all she does for the NDEs.

    My father took me and my older brothers ( 10 and 11) to the Rio Guaiba River in Porto Alegre, Brazil for a day of fun and fishing when I was eight years old. It was a beautiful, hot sunny day and we asked my dad if we could walk up to the river a little bit on our own while he set up camp for us.

    At first, he said no but reluctantly finally agreed after all three of us kept begging him to let us go. But, he told us, we had to agree to not go in the water. I remember him repeatedly telling us not to go in the water. In hindsight, I wonder if he somehow sensed the danger that lay ahead of us.

    We began to walk near the water leaving my father to work with the camp arrangements until we came to a bush that was half in land and half in the water. At this point, one of us had the idea of grabbing onto the bush to get to the other side. I remember my brother Marco went first. Within seconds, he lost his footing and went under the water. My oldest brother Carlon raced to help Marco but he couldn’t hang on and ended up in the water as well.

    Neither I nor my two brothers knew how to swim. But instead of running to get my father after my seeing my two brothers plunge into the waters, I jumped in to try to save my brothers without even thinking of my own safety.

    I struggled frantically in the water looking for my two brothers. I couldn’t see them and I was so scared. The water engulfed me quickly as I tried desperately to breathe. But there was no more oxygen; I could not breathe. I could only panic as I moved my arms and legs hysterically trying to save my life. My body was hitting things under the water. I don’t know what these things were but I can tell you they were very painful.

    The current of the river was moving very fast from west to east towards the ocean. I can’t recall how much time went by but I reached a point when I just couldn’t move anymore. I just floated underwater until I came to the bottom of the river. The water was brown so I couldn’t see anything but I didn’t need to see to know that I was dying.

    I tried to scream, “PLEASE GOD HELP ME!” My mother used to take me to church so I knew about God. And I don’t know how but I knew that He was the only one who could help me. My life started to fade but then I heard the most pleasing voice telling me to just relax and that everything was going to be okay. I then felt arms embracing me.

    Although I still could not see, I knew it was the embrace of a male. He was very kind and gentle. I was happy and confused all at the same time. Soon we were floating in midair and that was when I realized that I was not actually dead. We started moving upward at an extreme speed. All of my pain was gone and I could breathe easily again. My body was not solid anymore. I could see right through it but I could still feel myself.

    We then began going towards this beautiful light. As we got closer to it, the light just engulfed me. It was brighter than the sun but didn’t hurt my eyes. The male angel that was with me said, “Tchau” and faded away. I was remained there floating for a moment wondering, “What just happened? What does tchau mean?”

    It’s difficult to explain but I felt connected to everything and everything was connected to me. Then I felt like I was not alone anymore and began to see the shape of a man coming towards me. When he got close enough, I felt the most beautiful feeling of love and belonging that I have ever felt. There are just no words that my human mind can come up with to accurately describe this feeling.

    Imagine that you are in an airplane and then it blows up. Then you wake up and realize that it was all just a dream and that you are not dead. Well, this was kind of the feeling I experienced when I realized that I wasn’t really dead. I was so happy to realize that I wasn’t dead. But then again, I wondered where I was and why this place felt more real and more at home to me than earth did.

    The male angel appeared again coming closer to me and speaking telepathically. He told me he was there to help me and answer my questions and boy did I have a lot of questions. But before he answered them, he showed me my life and it played before me like a movie. My life was going backwards. I remember thinking, “How bad can this be, I am only eight.” The first thing I remember seeing was an incident when I used a key to scratch a car. I could feel the pain that I caused because of my actions.

    Then I remember thinking, “Oh, no! I’m in trouble!” But at this point, my angel surprised me by saying, “Don’t worry; there are just lessons.” Instead of being comforted by his words, I was a bit unnerved by the realization that he could read my thoughts. All this was going on as the movie continued to play showing second by second of my entire life. And, again, I could feel what I caused as a result of my actions.

    Everything that I ever did seemed to have a life of its own. For example, I felt the pain the owner of the car experienced. Then I felt the pain his wife felt when he told her about it. This was all a very unpleasant feeling.

    In addition to the not so pleasant times, I was shown the good times as well. I was shown the things I did out of love; like the time I had taken this homeless boy home with me. We showered together, we ate together and then I gave him some of my clothes. My angel was very happy about this and told me that these are the things that really matter, the things we do out of love for another person.

    The “movie” continued as I now saw myself as a baby in my mother’s womb, then just as a molecule of life . . . really small but very much alive. Today, whenever I see woman having an abortion it makes me want to cry. They don’t understand that God gave them this child for a reason; they were chosen by that child. I don’t’ know how I know this but I just do.

    The scenes of my life finally came to a stop and then he said two words. Everything I ever wanted to know was answered by these two words. In an instant, I knew everything. Then suddenly I started to miss my mother, the sun, the rain, playing soccer and everything that made me happy. I started to think of my mother and I could feel the pain when she would find out that all three of her sons crossed over. But I also knew that I was being shown this because it wasn’t my time yet. I sensed my mission was not complete and wanted to go back.

    My near-death experience helped me to understand just how beautiful and fragile the earth really is. I could sense the earth breathing like it was alive. I could see a light around everything that was alive: trees, flowers, grass, animals, volcanoes and humans. Humans are in control over every living thing. Everything has an aura. I don’t know why but the angel told me not to tell anyone and that in time it will reveal itself. To this, I said, “What?” But then I felt I jolt and realized that I was suddenly back in the water. Only this time, I was being held by a different angel who was pushing me out of the water. I was human again and back in my body. What a feeling this was! Being human is a beautiful gift!

    I felt somewhat drunk as I reached the surface of the water and could see the breathtaking blue sky above. I began to breathe again but panicked as I thought of my brothers. “Where are my brothers?” I uttered in alarm. I looked to my right and there they were safe and sound, right next to me walking out of the water. I then rejoiced thinking, “OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about it.

    People were running towards us, some were crying, some were smiling and hugging each other. They were as happy as I was, but why? I couldn’t figure it out. Then I heard this police officer talking on his radio saying, “I found them. I found the kids.” He told the other officers to come up the river. After a few minutes, the other officers arrived and remarked in astonishment, “This can’t be them. They couldn’t have survived 22 minutes in the water and lived to talk about it!”

    The medical personnel that were at the scene agreed and they all went back down river looking for other kids. I was standing there in a state of shock. I wanted to tell them that it was indeed us. I tried to explain what happened but I could not get any words out of my mouth. I just couldn’t speak. My mouth was moving but no sound was coming out.

    I then looked up at the sky and said, “Please give me my voice back, I won’t tell anyone! Slowly, I got my voice back! I do have a stuttering problem today but I don’t care about that. I’m alive and that’s all that matters. I don’t know which is better being back here or having the knowledge that we never die.

    My experience changed my life. I try to do everything out of love. Truthfully, though, this is not always easy. We live in a world of uncertainty. People don’t know who God really is and don’t always understand the importance of love.

    Since that fateful day at the river, I have asked my brothers what they remember about the experience. Marco told me that an angel told him not to talk about it. A week went by before I asked Carlon. When I did, I was told we died and an angel saved us. He said he also saw a movie.

    We never really discussed the incident in depth, probably because we were all afraid that something would happen to us if we did. As the years went by and I got older, though, I began to have the urge to tell the world that both God and heaven are real. I pray that one day the human race, the sons and daughters of God, will live on earth with that same love and peace I felt on that day. I hope that one day we will all come to the realization that we are all one.

    My experience will be published in the book ” Visits from Heaven” by author Josie Varga on 01/01.2010

  5. Trish says:

    What a beautiful experience Glauco. Thank you for sharing it here. Trish :)

  6. Trish says:

    2010 IANDS Conference Theme, Dates and Location Announcement

    This year’s IANDS Conference entitled “Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences: Perspectives from Experiencers, Science and Spirituality” will be held in Denver, CO at the Red Lion Hotel Denver Central on Thursday – Saturday, Sept 2 – 4 plus optional Fun Day outings on Sunday, Sept 5. Watch for more details soon!

    All IANDS Groups are invited to send representatives to the all day plus evening festivities planned for the 2010 IANDS Leaders Seminar on Wednesday, Sept 1.

    Dates: September 2, 2010 at 6pm to September 5, 2010 at 7pm
    Location: Red Lion Hotel Denver Central
    Street: 4040 Quebec Street
    City/Town: Denver, CO 80216 USA
    Phone: +1-303-321-6666
    More info here:

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